an artist development program by KASIENKO

version i launched, 2022

PORTAL is a 12 week program comprised of weekly 1:1 sessions that delve into different topics - allowing us to peer deeper into an artist’s human blueprint and creative essence. We explore creative energy, aura, world building, and potentials relating to the creative world envisioned.

Using the topics and introduction videos as a prompt, the sessions are utilised to uncover the artist’s beliefs and perceptions surrounding the topics to contextualise their unique experience and creative identity. This process reveals a template that considers the multidimensionality of the artist which allows a reframing of awareness and deeper contemplation of their relationship with self-expression.

This program has been designed to recalibrate the participant to their most organic state of creativity. Through establishing internal clarity, we elaborate on authentic ways an artist can connect their internal creative world to physical reality. We go deep into internal dimensions and explore territories that are often neglected in the music industry and artist development space.

The fundamental integrity of PORTAL is about honouring the sacred path of an artist as we awaken nuanced realisations about their gifts and legacy. This is a space designed to nurture confidence, healthy self-awareness, and authentic creative expression - all to build trust in the artist’s path, and a pure relationship with creativity.



i. 12 x weekly 1:1 sessions (up to 2.5 hours)
ii. different topics each week to dissect
iii. exclusive video form content introducing topics
iv. creative and introspective tasks to complete
v. availability for feedback & support throughout program
vi. 1 unique audio activation (meditation)
vii. ceremony upon completion of PORTAL
viii. 1 x session 3-6 months post PORTAL
ix. lifetime access to PORTAL content


This program is suitable for artists, producers, and songwriters.

To inquire please email kasienko.mgmt@gmail.com